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Tonight’s Menu Highlights

Fried Green Tomatoes, Cavatelli, Gravlax, Mozzarella Made Daily, Squash Cakes, Cape Cod Mussels, Walleye, Morel Mushrooms, Lamb, Sea Scallops, Heirloom Pork, House-Made Charcuterie, Crab Cakes, Artisanal Cheeses, Brussels Sprouts, Local Angus Beef, Baby Beets


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Cooking With Fresh Herbs

Quick Bites

Squash Cakes

To all who have waited patiently for summer, our squash cakes are back! Come feast!


Ed, the Chef, is a gourmet — so you bend to what he wants to prepare when you’re there. Fortunately, he is a first rate chef.

Blogging Now

Crutches and Vegetables: A Vegan Tasting


I don't think most chefs realize how much we depend on the crutches of butter, cream, and cheese to pull off our menus. Dairy is a quick way to smooth out and enrich sauces, to convey mouthfeel, and to make guests feel comforted. I know that I don't … Read More...

Today’s Recipe

Honey-Lime Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta with Blackberries


I have a Chef's Tasting tonight and I developed this recipe for it. I was searching for something small, light, and refreshing enough to serve at the end of a 9-course menu, not an easy feat by any stretch. It takes full advantage of the … Read More...

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