Dessert Menu


Recommended drinks follow each cheese plate.

Red Wine Cheese PlateThree artisanal cheeses suitable for pairing with red wine. 14
(Try VA’s own Linden Claret)

White Wine Cheese PlateThree artisanal cheeses for pairing with white wine. 14
(Try the Reverdy Sancerre)

Port and Blue Cheese Tasting PlateTawny port with two of our blue cheeses. 14, with 20-year old tawny, 20.


All desserts made in house by the crew. Recommended drinks follow each dessert.

La Bête Noireflourless chocolate torte, chocolate shavings, crème anglaise 9
(Try the Graham’s Six Grapes Ruby Port)

Pineapple One Block Westrum-flambéed pineapple, coconut sorbet, toasted coconut 9
(Try VA’s own Linden Vidal)

Blackberry Bread Pudding—vanilla gelato, blackberries, blackberry syrup, crème anglaise 9
(Try VA’s own Fabbioli Cellars Rosa Nera)

Deconstructed Blueberry Cheesecake—NY-style cream cheese mousse, graham cracker crust, crème anglaise, blueberry syrup, blueberries 9
(Try the Di Lenardo Late Harvest Verduzzo)

Caramelized Orange Upside Down Cakeorange mousse, fresh oranges, candied orange zest 9
(Try the Château Suau Cadillac)

Crème Brûlée of the Day9
(Try VA’s own Linden Late Harvest Vidal)

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