Chef’s Whim Tasting

July 5, 2017: Unfortunately, because we are so busy in our final weeks until Chef Ed retires, we have suspended our tastings because we don’t think that we can give you the service that you deserve.

Each night we offer a special tasting menu that we call the Chef’s Whim, a 7-course menu priced at $75 per person with optional wine pairings at $50 per person. All parties at the table must order the tasting menu. Because of the normal 2- to 3-hour length of the tasting, we do not offer them after 7:30 pm. All tastings are subject to a mandatory 20% service charge.

The exact menu is very much a spur of the moment thing in which Chef Ed and the crew send out the dishes that excite them the most and that they most want you to taste. Consequently, the menu is always a surprise, even to the service staff: if you are not open to eating whatever the chef wants to serve, then you should choose our regular menu.

In general, the dishes we serve for the Chef’s Whim tasting menu are not offered on the à la carte menu. Likewise, the wines that we pair with the menu are typically not available by the glass, so this is a good way to sample some of the depth of our list.

While we would love to know in advance if you are interested in a Chef’s Whim tasting, it is not necessary (except in the case of food allergies) and you can certainly decide after you arrive [but you do run a slight risk that we may be sold out of tastings if you don’t book in advance]. If you have food allergies, we do need to know about them and your intent to order a tasting well in advance of your visit.

If you are an adventurous eater and would like to sample the best of what we have to offer, we’d love to serve you a Chef’s Whim tasting menu.

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