Here is a collection of recipes that we have recorded over the years, sometimes at the behest of a customer, sometimes for a magazine editor, and sometimes just so we wouldn’t forget (a thing that happens all to easily when you cook over 10,000 different dishes a year).

We hope that you will enjoy these recipes in the spirit in which they are intended. To quote from a somewhat recent and somewhat infamous movie, “they’re more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules.” These are the sheet music and they convey the notes, but it’s up to you, the player, to add the phrasing and the nuance that make these recipes your own. Play on!

Honey-Lime Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta with Blackberries

I have a Chef's Tasting tonight and I developed this recipe for it. I was searching for something small, light, and refreshing enough to serve at the end of a 9-course menu, not an easy feat by any stretch. It takes full advantage of the … [Read more...]

Pork Confit Summer Posole

Here's a decidedly non-traditional posole that I just made for dinner to use up some leftover pork confit and some fresh corn. Tradition or no, it is delicious. … [Read more...]

Lobster Recipes

Here are the recipes that I promised the students of my recent cooking class.Determining Gender of a LobsterWe started the class by examining a male and a female side by side. The tail of the male is comparatively more narrow than that of the female: … [Read more...]

Root Vegetable Recipes

One Block West is a seasonal restaurant and so our menu changes daily in response to what we find at the market and what our growers bring us. And what we get in the winter is root vegetables, lots and lots of root vegetables. And so we have become … [Read more...]

Wellness Festival Recipes

Today, I was invited to give a demonstration of some healthy recipes at the Community Wellness Festival. My talk/demo today hit the same three points that I made last year when I cooked at the festival: 1. Include more fresh/raw vegetables in your … [Read more...]

Risotto of Israeli Couscous in the Style of Paella

Wow! That title is a mouthful! In this recipe that I demonstrated on a recently taped segment of WVPT Cooks, I cook couscous somewhat in the manner of risotto and flavor it in the manner of paella. It really is a wonderful vegetarian dish that I … [Read more...]

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