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I created this blog some years ago before Facebook to try to build a sense of community around One Block West restaurant (hence the name One Blog West) and its foodie customers.

In subsequent years, Facebook has taken over the more community-related aspects and this blog has morphed into a repository of the dishes that my staff and I have created, short essays on food, stories about the restaurant and restaurant world, recipes, cool ingredients, and whatever else happens to be on my mind.

I used to post to this blog daily, but maintaining the restaurant web site and Facebook and Twitter accounts, not to mention the not inconsequential undertaking of running a high-end restaurant, takes a lot of my time and has forced me to try to strike a balance in updating all these media outlets.

Now I only update the blog when I really have something lengthy that I want to record. Soundbites get blasted out on Twitter and smaller items and event notifications take place over on Facebook.

Working our Wine List

Wine Rack

We just released a major revision to our wine list, something that we do about twice a year. Of course, we tweak the list as necessary throughout the course of the year, but in terms of making significant changes, that happens about Memorial Day and … [Read more...]

Vegan Tasting

Our normal Chef's Whim tasting is neither vegetarian nor vegan, but it can be by special request with enough advanced notice. We did a vegan tasting last night that really forced us to focus on flavor and to work with the items we have on hand: April … [Read more...]

Less is More

One thing that I think I have learned as I have aged as a chef is when to stop screwing with a dish. I had a laundry list of garnishes in mind when I started to plate this scallop sashimi last evening and no clear plan of attack for what the plate … [Read more...]

Ode to Mexico

What: Flan de Horchata de Chufa, Dulce de Leche, "Churro," Flor de Jamaica, Pumpkin Seed-Ancho-Mexican Chocolate Bark.Why: I was having lunch a couple weekends ago in a small Salvadoran restaurant with my wife and on looking at their menu, the … [Read more...]

French Toast with Smoked Trout

What: French toast with a dill-caper batter, garnished with smoked trout mousse, smoked trout, fresh dill, and a smoked trout cream sauce.Why: This dish is playful in that it does two things you might not expect. It takes a food that is … [Read more...]

Duck Bourguignon

What: Duck Bourguignon, a classic braise in the style of boeuf bourguignon, of duck legs, cipollini onions, slab bacon, porcini mushrooms, and Pinot Noir. … [Read more...]

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