One Blog West

I created this blog some years ago before Facebook to try to build a sense of community around One Block West restaurant (hence the name One Blog West) and its foodie customers.

In subsequent years, Facebook has taken over the more community-related aspects and this blog has morphed into a repository of the dishes that my staff and I have created, short essays on food, stories about the restaurant and restaurant world, recipes, cool ingredients, and whatever else happens to be on my mind.

I used to post to this blog daily, but maintaining the restaurant web site and Facebook and Twitter accounts, not to mention the not inconsequential undertaking of running a high-end restaurant, takes a lot of my time and has forced me to try to strike a balance in updating all these media outlets.

Now I only update the blog when I really have something lengthy that I want to record. Soundbites get blasted out on Twitter and smaller items and event notifications take place over on Facebook.

Musings on Dessert

Sweets do not resonate with my palate. For dessert, I'd much rather have a hunk of Stilton and a glass of old Port. And I am no pastry chef either. I get my jollies cooking on the hot line, putting food out as neatly but as fast as possible, flirting … [Read more...]

Valley Chef Showdown Photos, Round 1

On Monday the 15th, Tony and I participated in the first ever Valley Chef Showdown at the Historic McFarland House in Martinsburg, WV, home of chef and organizer Brad Spates. The contest is in two rounds, an elimination round and a final round. These … [Read more...]

An Early Fall Tasting

Recent nightly Chef's Whim menus have been very seafood- and vegetable-oriented, showing off the best of August's bounty: lots of fish, squash blooms, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and the like. Not so Saturday night's menu. This menu has moved into … [Read more...]

9th Annual Harvest Dinner

Each year toward the end of August, we put on our annual Harvest Dinner, this our ninth edition, to honor the quality produce and exceptional hard work of Beth and Gene Nowak at Mayfair Farm. Beth and Gene are principal produce suppliers to the … [Read more...]

Cantaloupe Carpaccio

I'm not really a dessert guy in that I don't much care for sweets. But I do like fruit and cheese and I look forward each year to when the cantaloupes get ripe. Who knew that this year they would be almost Labor Day getting to market?This … [Read more...]

Lamb Tagine

lamb tagine

This is a recent plate featuring a lamb tagine (Moroccan-style stew of lamb) that I made from a local lamb. I though the plate turned out nicely. This is mostly a study in the shades of earthy reds, oranges, and browns. I haven't been able to work … [Read more...]

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